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The 5 Predictors of Divorce in Marriage

Divorce  – Divorces doesn’t happen suddenly. A multitude of misunderstandings, fights and incompatibility leads to a divorce.
Some things what you and your partner do on a regular basis can also be a huge reason why you both are headed for a divorce.
There are also some interesting things that otherwise, are not common reasons, but can predict a divorce easily. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The 5 Predictors of Divorce in Marriage

1. Teen marriage

Love doesn’t have an age or barrier. But according to research, most people who get married in their teenage years are likely to get divorced later. This is mainly due to the lack of maturity and indecisiveness during the teenage years. And later in life, when they realise they’re not exactly as compatible as they thought they would be, it ends up in divorce.

2. Either of the partners not working

Marriages work when there’s a balance between two people, emotionally, mentally and…financially. It gets very frustrating for people to see their partner at home without any professional aim to contribute their part towards maintaining the household chores or costs. Being financially dependent on your partner can be challenging, and this can lead to fights later down the line.

3. Intense passion at the beginning of marriage

Couples who are too passionate, clingy and overly affectionate towards each other are likely to divorce each other in the future because the kind of intensity in the beginning of the marriage is hard to maintain as time goes by. And when the passionate phase ends, the marriage is left clueless and shallow.

4. Shutting down during problems

Amidst conflicts and problems, if one person tends to shut down while the other is expressing their feelings and trying to solve the problem, the marriage can be in great trouble. Withdrawing from your partner in the face of conflict can be a big issue because your partner getting silent in return for their expressiveness can be troublesome.

5. Letting others’ opinions define your marriage

Asking for marital advice from others is alright. But listening too much to others and doing things according to them can create problems within the marriage. A marriage is a sacred bond between two people. Hence, basing your entire marriage off others’ advice and opinions is going to bridge a huge gap between the two partners, that can eventually lead to divorce.