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12 Bad Habits To Avoid In Church

12 Bad Habits To Avoid In Church – Below are 12 Bad habits Christians/Church goers should avoid in church which is very wrong and disrespectful to the almighty God
12 Bad Habits To Avoid In Church

  1. Chatting and recieving calls during church service
  2. Folding your hands when your pastor is teaching. You are telling him that what he is saying is not worth writing .
  3. Refusing to sit where the ushers direct you to sit, it shows you are disorderly.
  4. Running out to pick calls with your phone ringing out so loud. This is absolute madness.
  5. *Lateness to church.* Some people have this as an unbreakable habit.
  6. Starring at every beautiful girl you see and making them uncomfortable.
  7. Sleeping in church during sermon
  8. Sitting down during prayer or praise session. This make you look very odd. You also demoralize the service coordinators .
  9. Looking at the clock on the wall and then the watch on your wrist and then looking at the pastor’s face insinuating that he should round up.
  10. Borrowing things like phone chargers,pen etc and leaving with them claiming you forgot.
  11. Always leaving the church before closure for no particular appointment, making others who choose to stay till the end of service look over zealous.
  12. Gathering outside the church to discuss while service is going on.