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Kwuait Scholarship-Fully Funded Scholarship To Study Language In Kuwait-Apply Now

About the Scholarship

Kwuait Scholarship-Fully Funded Scholarship To Study Language In Kuwait-Apply Now. The application process for the Government of Kuwait Language Scholarship, which will be offered in Kuwait for the academic year 2022–2023, Kwuait Scholarship is currently available to students from all over the globe.

 Because the education that is provided in Kuwait is also among the greatest that can be found elsewhere on the globe, international students from other countries are interested in studying in Kuwait and applying to universities in Kuwait. In addition, the certifications that you will get in Kuwait will come in handy if you ever decide to look for a permanent career in that country.

They are the annual academic seats that are allotted by sisterly and friendly countries to Kuwaiti students who have graduated from high school or have an equivalent education, and they are the seats that are offered by the State of Kuwait to non-Kuwaiti students in the implementation of cultural agreements with the State of Kuwait according to aid programs and foreign relations in order to obtain scientific degrees.

Programme name

Language Center Scholarships for the Study of Arabic for Non-Kuwaitis.

Educational Level

Study Arabic Language


Kuwait University



Programme Objectives

Kwuait Scholarship, this Strengthening ties and cooperation between brotherly and friendly countries.

Providing various fields of study abroad for Kuwaiti students in specialties needed by the State of Kuwait.

Exchange of cultures and experiences between countries.

Scholarship Covered

The scholarship student receives free tuition, university housing, and medical care in the majority of donor nations.

Some donor nations grant a yearly pass and a symbolic monthly stipend.

Fully Funded Scholarship To Study Language In Kuwait-Apply Now

The Ministry of Higher Education grants monthly cash stipends, yearly trip tickets, and a travel preparation stipend to scholarship students approved in these nations.

Kwuait Scholarship is accomplished using the specialties that the ministry distributes yearly in accordance with the scholarship plan.

The candidate for a scholarship who receives financial support has all the benefits of a scholarship student.

Required Documents

The following requirements and documents must be met:

  • A nomination letter from the embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • The completion of high school.
  • Four (4) personal photographs.
  • The passport copy.

In addition, please adhere to the amount of scholarship seats provided by Kuwait University for each nation.

How to Apply

Please prepare the required documents and then visit the Kuwaiti Embassy or the Kuwaiti Cultural Center in your country.

Noted: You cannot directly apply to the university.

Application Deadline

1 September 2022

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