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2023 HAAA Scholarship In Harvard University Application Update

~  2023 HAAA Scholarship  ~

Harvard Arab Alumni Association is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students for the HAAA Scholarship 2023. It is a fully-funded scholarship for all students.

About the Scholarship

The HAAA Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that can be availed by the Arab countries given in the eligible countries list.


1. President’s Circle: $500,000–$1,000,000

2. Benefactor: $100,000–$500,000

3. Patron: $50,000–$100,000

4. Donor: $10,000–$50,000

5. Associate: $5,000–$10,000

6. Friends of the HAAA Scholarship Fund: $5,000–$10,000


The HAAA Scholarship recipients will be selected exclusively by the Harvard Committee on General Scholarship based on the following criteria established by the Harvard Arab Alumni Association:

Required Language: English.

Eligible Countries: The student must be a resident or national of an Arab country.

1. Egypt

2. Palestine

3. Jordan

4. Lebanon

5. Tunisia

6. Algeria

7. Morocco

8. Sudan

9. Libya

10. Saudi Arabia

11. Emirates

12. Kuwait

13. Qatar

14. Bahrain

15. Oman

16. Yemen

17. Somalia

18. Djibouti

19. Mauritania

20. Comoros

Also, the student must receive an acceptance letter from Harvard University to a full-time degree program at any of Harvard University’s schools.

The student must demonstrate a financial need, as determined by Harvard University’s general scholarship criteria.

In addition, preference will be for the students that have obtained a prior degree from an educational institution in an Arab country.

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Please visit the official website link given at the end. Here are some necessary steps to avail The HAAA Scholarship:

1. Apply to any school of Harvard University and only AFTER getting acceptance to Harvard School

2. The financial officer of your school submits your application to the Harvard Committee on General Scholarships, which then decides who receives the award.

Application Deadline

Currently Ongoing

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