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Ways To Build A Strong Linkedin Profile

Ways To Build A Strong Linkedin Profile -Everyone is on LinkedIn now. With over 300 million users and growing, you probably already know that this is where you want to be to manage your professional reputation.
But with so much competition out there, how do you go about grabbing the attention of recruiters?
Ways To Build A Strong Linkedin Profile


You should choose a profile picture that demonstrates professionalism in a network such as LinkedIn, which has top recruiters. This is your first step in your job search.
Many recruiters don’t view profiles that lack a professional photo. The relevance of a profile picture on LinkedIn cannot be doubted. Consider your target audience when choosing a photo.
So What Makes A Good Professional Photo On Linkedin?

  • Your photo should clearly show how you look.
  • A large part of the photo should show your facial features as well your neck and shoulders.
  • Your choice of dress should be formal. This gives a professional feel about your profile, thereby increasing your chances of being employed.
  • Make sure there is nobody else in the photo.



Your LinkedIn headline is critical as it is one of the first things that are visible in your profile. Appropriate keywords in your headline attract more viewers to your profile.
A headline refers to the first 1-4 lines in a LinkedIn Profile that are visible beneath your name.
So What Should A Good Headline Consist Of?

  • Ensure you provide a clear explanation of how relevant you can be to the organization, rather than concentrating only on your job description.
  • Never add your contact details in your headline.
  • Don’t use the using the word “I” too repeatedly in your headline.

FOR EXAMPLE: A good catchy headline for individuals in sales and marketing domain looks like this
‘Increasing your sales by joining integrated media solutions with high precision targeting.’


A good recommendation should be written in such a way that they highlight your personality & professionalism. This can ideally be written by an immediate senior under whom you worked for an appreciable period of time.
Make sure you have at least 3 recommendations for your LinkedIn profile. This boosts your chances of being contacted by employers.
Steps To Follow For A Good Recommendation:

  • Ensure that the first line of your recommendation is captivating.
  • The individual writing the recommendation for you must clearly explain the kind of relationship they had with you so as to demonstrate that you have worked with them closely.
  • Ask them to explain your unique qualities.
  • Have a clear explanation of your skills that makes you unique amongst other job seekers.



Avoid using words that don’t enhance the professionalism of your LinkedIn profile. If you state that that you were an “analytical” leader, immediately a question arises – What did you achieve being “analytical”?
Make sure you explain quantifiable questions like: Did you respect deadlines and instructions? Or, did you ensure your team members were performing their jobs efficiently? Or, did you carefully manage time and resources?
“Responsible, strategic, creative, effective, patient, expert, organizational, driven, innovative, analytical” are just some of the most commonly used words which don’t bring positivity to your profile.
The above mentioned words do not enhance your profile because they add no value to the profile in question. Be sure to clearly mention activities that demonstrates how your skills have been useful.


You would notice that LinkedIn has provided you a profile Url that is lengthy and unattractive. It is your responsibility to customize your URL.
The ease to remember a profile is boosted by a custom URL. It initiates familiarity and is considered very professional. Hence, it’s necessary to have customised your LinkedIn profile URL.
You can customize your URL in the “Public Profile Settings” which is inside the “Edit your public profile” section.