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Tips To Writing NPower Test Successfully In 2022

Tips To Writing NPower Test Successfully In 2022


Npower is a scheme of Nigeria’s Federal Government Social Investment Program that basically recruits and empowers unemployed Nigerian youths.
The scheme aims to equip Nigerian youths with the knowledge that will help diversify the economy while taking them off the streets of unemployment. These skills taught and learned can be used to either create or find job opportunities.
As an applicant, you will have to choose any of these n-power schemes Npower Teach, Agro, Health, Tech, Build, and Creative.

Who Can Apply for NPower Scheme?

individuals/candidates who can apply for N-power and write the test are been categorized into two.: graduates and undergraduates.
This is for degree/HND holders between the ages of 18 to 35 who will use their educational knowledge for a period of 2 years. You’ll get paid for this.
During these 2 years, you’ll perform certain tasks in public services.
Graduates usually work in areas like Npower Agro, Health, Teach, and Tax.
For this category, there are Npower Knowledge and Build.
Typically, this trains and certifies young unemployed Nigerians.
In the section below, we’ll show you the actions to take after receiving an invite to write the N-power test.

Steps to Writing NPower Test Online

basically, N-power test is written online, that is it can be written with your smartphone or any device that has an internet connection.
After registration, N-power will send you a text message to write the assessment test when your BVN matches your application.

  • Go to Npower Test Website
  • Click on the Npower category you wish to apply for
  • Log in with your BVN and phone number
  • Click on here and start the test

Noteworthy is the fact that you’ll write a total of 33 questions.

How to Write NPower Test Successfully in 2021

Since you’ll get invited for the exam just by filling incorrect details which match your BVN, there is a lot more to passing the N-power exam.
To this effect, this section will give you tested and proven tips that will guide you to write the NPower test and be successful.

#1 Questions vary depending on the program you applied for.

Earlier in the post, we mentioned that there are many categories of Npower namely Npower Teach, Agro, Health, Tech, Build, and Creative. All of these categories have different test questions. That your friend who wrote the Npower test will have different questions if the category you applied for isn’t the same.

#2 Purchase Npower past questions and answers

The necessity of N-power’s past questions and answers cannot be overemphasized. It arms you with the right knowledge required to pass the N-power test successfully.
The best way to prepare to write the N-power test and be successful is to purchase the N-power past questions and answers. Download it here.

#3 Nature of the Npower questions

The tests to expect are Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning, Lateral thinking, Numerical analysis, General knowledge, and basic English. Interestingly, you’ll get to understand their components and see the frequently repeated questions under each section in the NPower past questions and answers. Don’t miss downloading it for anything in the world.

#4 Number of times to write Npower Test

Did you know that you have two chances to write and pass the Npower test? I bet you didn’t know that. If you fail the first time, you get to rewrite.

#5 During the exam, you need to imbibe he following to pass the npower test successfully

  • Basic Knowledge of computers to enable you to navigate the interface
  • Strong internet connection
  • Speed and accuracy to complete all test categories
  • Knowledge of Nigerian current affairs


To write the NPower test and be successful in 2022, you need a guide to show all that the exam entails including likely questions to be tested. Don’t forget to use correct information that aligns with the details on your BVN. If you fail the test, by all means, rewrite it and we wish you all luck!
Very importantly, you need the past questions and answers for NPower!

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