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Students’ Questions On WAEC And Its Uses For Admissions

Do you have a series of questions about WAEC? The post below will help you provide answers to your concerns.

1. What is WAEC?

WAEC is West African Examination Council. This is the examination body saddled with the responsibility of conducting Ordinary Level exams (O’level) for West African countries.

The five countries conducting WAEC are Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Liberia.

The exam conducted by WAEC is called West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

2. What are the series of exams conducted by WAEC?

1. At present, WAEC conducts three exams, namely:
2. WASSCE April/May – this is called WAEC for internal candidates (school candidates)
3. WASSCE Jan/Feb – this is the first series of exams for private candidates. The examination is conducted between January/February, beginning from 2018.
4. WASSCE August/September – this is the second series for private candidates. Holding between August and September, the exam was formerly called WAEC GCE November/December.

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3. Can I use WAEC results for local and foreign admissions?


As a matter of fact, WASSCE is the most widely accepted senior secondary school result for admission into any higher institution in Nigeria and abroad.

4. Can I combine two WAEC results for admissions?


Two WASSCE results can be combined for admission. Such results can be two April/May sittings or two Private candidate sittings.

You can equally combine a school candidate sitting (i.e. April/May) with a private candidate result (Jan/Feb or Aug/Sept.)

However, some courses and universities in Nigeria may not accept two sittings of any exam type e.g Medicine, Pharmacy, or Nursing (in certain universities). In this case, you can’t combine two results If you read the post, “Universities/Polytechnics Accepting Two Sittings For Admissions” or “School of Nursing, Health Tech, and Hygiene: Answers to Students’ Questions on Admissions”, you’ll understand further why some schools or courses may not accept combined result

If you read the post, “Universities/Polytechnics Accepting Two Sittings For Admissions” or “School of Nursing, Health Tech, and Hygiene: Answers to Students’ Questions on Admissions“, you’ll understand further why some schools or courses may not accept combined results.

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5. Can I Combine WAEC plus NECO results for Admissions?


Generally, all schools accept a combination of WAEC and NECO for admission except otherwise stated by such institution’s admission adverts/notice.

If a school will not accept the two together, it will make it known in the JAMB brochure or her post-UTME advert.

But if you must pursue courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing or you’re applying to a school of nursing; a few may not accept such a combination.

Find out from the schools’ adverts if those courses are your chases.

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6. Can I use WAEC awaiting results for admission?


Provided your result will be out before your proposed school starts admission processes or closes it.

This is well detailed in the post, “AWAITING RESULTS: Answers to Students’ Questions on Admission“.

7. How Can I Register for WASSCE?

To register for WASSCE May/June (now April/May or WAEC for internal students), you will need to visit any secondary school of your interest.

The school will give you its modalities and requirements to take part in their school candidates’ exams. For now, interested candidates must have been the school’s students from JSS 1 or joined by SS1 or 2 for them to qualify to register.

To register for WASSCE Jan./Feb. and August/September (i.e WAEC for private students), visit the nearest internet café for the registration on its availability. The café will do the registration for you.

NOTE that you can’t do the registration yourself because it involves bio-metric scanning (using a fingerprint machine) which I believe you wouldn’t want to buy because of a single registration. That’s why you’ll need an internet cafe for registration.

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8. What are the subjects I can register for in WASSCE May/June or WASSCE Jan./Feb and August/September?

For the list of subjects for private candidates, see the WAEC subjects page.

For the list of WASSCE subjects for school candidates, visit your secondary school of interest. They should give you the list of available subjects you can opt-in for. However, you may need to check first, the list of compulsory WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB subjects.

9. How Do I Check My WASSCE Result?

Follow the instructions at this link https://www.waecdirect.org. or our guide in the post, “8 Steps to Check WAEC (WASSCE) result on https://www.waecdirect.org

10. Where Can I Get WASSCE Timetable?

WAEC Timetable for April/May (school candidates) should be made available to you by your school.

A timetable for WASSCE Jan./Feb. and August/September can be downloaded online at https://registration.waecdirect.org/

11. How Can I get WASSCE Syllabus?


To get the WASSCE syllabus for May/June school candidates, talk to your school exam officer.

For WASSCE Jan./Feb. and August/September, click here. However, there is barely little or no difference between the syllabus of the two exams.

12. Where Can I Collect My WASSCE/GCE Certificate?

If you’re a school candidate (who wrote April/May WAEC), go back to the school where you wrote your exams for the certificate after 9 months the results had been released online. By that time or within a year, you should have got it from WAEC.

Private candidates (who wrote former WAEC GCE November/December, or present WASSCE Jan./Feb. and August/September should follow the guide in “Request Original WAEC Certificate/Result Online“.

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13. What do I need to collect my WAEC private candidate (WAEC GCE) result at the WAEC office?

If you don’t want to use the online request, (as stated above), you’re required to go to the WAEC office in the State you sat for the examination with the following: Photo Card; Passport Photograph; Online Result Print Out & N3,550.

However, for certificates that have stayed in their custody for more than four years, candidates are to pay the Custody Fee.

For the custody fee,

  • 5 to 9 years is N5,000
  • 10 to 14 years N10,000
  • 15 to 19 years N15,000
  • 20 years and above N20,000

14. How Can I Check My WAEC Results FREE?

No way.

You can’t check your WAEC results for free. You should look for the WAEC checker PIN and Serial No. on the exam card provided for you during the exams. The ID card is usually a plastic card. If you’re a private candidate, the checking PIN and Serial Numbers should be on your exam photocard.

You can also buy a scratch card or PIN from the nearest WAEC office or the internet cafe around you.

15. Is it true that WAEC results do expire after some years?


WAEC results do not expire no matter how old it is.

You can any time use your results for admission, jobs, and any official contest. More details here.

16. What is the importance of the QR code on the WAEC certificate and again, are there other means of checking the authenticity of the result if the QR code does not work?


You can verify it online via https://www.waeconline.org.ng/verification  It appears you already know the importance of the Quick Response (QR) Code on our certificates.

17. I have been trying to register someone for WAEC GCE since last week. It keeps saying “An error was encountered while saving details.Reason: invalid Image orientation. Please try again later. What is going on, please?

Please, check and ensure you have complied with our requirement for a passport photograph and its upload. If it persists, kindly contact our office nearest to you.

18. What should I do if my name’s spelling was wrong in WAEC?

You can apply for an amendment of that name on your certificate at the WAEC office nearest to you. This means you don’t have to go to the WAEC office of the state of exams.

19. How do I correct Errors in my Date of Birth in WAEC or GCE?

You will need to visit the WAEC office of the state of exams. Then make the following requirements available in order to correct mistakes in your date of birth.

  • Date of Birth on Certificates Sworn Affidavit;
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate-(Original must be sighted by a WAEC Staff when submitting your request);
  • Administrative Fee of 10,000 Naira;
  • A Letter of Application.

20. If my name or grades fade on my WAEC certificate, can I get a new one back if I apply?

Yes, you can get your certificate reprinted at no cost provided you are not responsible for the ‘result marks that are fading off’ on your certificate. You can visit the nearest WAEC office to apply for this.

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