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How To Check & Print NYSC Call-Up Letter Online [Batch A 2022]

Have you been asking how you can print your NYSC Call Up letter you have paid the N3,000, you will print your NYSC call-up letter on your dashboard.

Call-up Letter for NYSC Batch A Stream is available for printing
You have two options as regarding printing your call-up letter; you can either pay N3,000 and print it on your dashboard or don’t pay and go to your institution to collect it.
In any which way, money must be spent.

Steps to Print NYSC Call Up Letter 2022/2023 Online

  1. Go to the NYSC Call Up letter Printing portal via http://portal.nysc.org.ng.

  2. Click on the LOGIN Menu.

  3. Login with your registered EMAIL and PASSWORD.

  4. Click on the ‘PRINT CALL UP LETTER’ link to access and print your NYSC call up letter.

11 Things to do After Getting Your NYSC Call-Up Letter

  • What you need to print your call up letter is the email you used in registering at the NYSC portal and your password.
  • Print the original copy, (twice) make about 5 or more photocopies as you would need to submit some duplicates at camp.
  • Your green card and call up letter should be printed with colored printer and not black and white printer.
  • Rearrange your documents. What you need to take with you are call-up letter, green card, statement of result or original certificate, passport, ID card. Ensure your statement of result carries your school stamp and not a fake one.
  • Put all these documents in a water-resistant file and seal properly. Do not laminate your green card or call-up letter.
  • Pack the basic necessary things.
  • Connect with people you are posted to the same state.
  • Check your sate of deployment very well to avoid mistakes.
  • Travel safely and be prayerful.
  • Be happy and positive about your journey and what’s about to come.

What is NYSC Green Card?

The NYSC Green card is one of the most important documents for the National Youth Service Corps programme and it’s also one of the mandatory documents that you must not leave at home when going to the orientation camp.
The NYSC green card is a sensitive document that contains all the details and personal information you filled during registration.
The NYSC Green Card contains:

  • Your Personal Information
  • Address and State Visited
  • Phone Number
  • Next of Kin
  • Educational Qualification
  • Kit Specification

20 NYSC Security Tips For Corpers
Below are 10 NYSC security tips to help you survive and stay safe as a corp member:-

  1. Live with other corpers
  2. Lock your doors at all times
  3. Live close to your PPA
  4. Be alert to any danger
  5. Always tell people of your whereabout
  6. Don’t stay out late at nights
  7. Don’t flaunt your valuables
  8. Be careful when given a lift from strangers
  9. Tolerance/Endurance
  10. Locate a medical clinic/centre
  11. Humility
  12. Avoid religious/political argument
  13. No fighting
  14. No stealing
  15. Be diligent in service
  16. Decency in dressing
  17. Avoid snatching colleague’s date
  18. Avoid late nights
  19. Serve God
  20. Know that there is life after service

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