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Educational latest updates on JAMB,NIN And WAEC

Can I Go to JAMB Venue/Hall Without COVID-19 Card, Nose Cover?

COVID-19 Vaccination CardHaving heard it, in the news or from friends that JAMB is requesting candidates to visit its offices only if they are ready to observe the COVID-19 protocol among which is the presentation of their vaccination cards and use of the nose covers/face masks, some candidates are skeptical too, as to whether they must go for their UTME with the same requirements.I’d recently

Can I Reprocess Admission to School Once Attended?

I’ve got a few case studies about reprocessing admission one had once attended or is still attending?A student was restricted or suspended from a university. Now, he wants to reprocess admission to the same school.

Will that work?A student was repeated but instead of taking that option, he decided to write another JAMB to process the same polytechnic and consider another course entirely? Will

With DE, Can I Change ND/NCE Course Going to Universities

Although you may want to cross from a polytechnic or college of education to a university if you just prefer a degree instead of HND, one of the reasons a few others will try to do that is to change their courses or discipline.In order words, if you’re not satisfied with your ND or NCE course, you may want to consider another course while obtaining the JAMB Direct Entry Form.This choice is not

Can Direct Entry Applicants Do Change of Institutions and Courses?

JAMB logoMost admission seekers are aware that UTME candidates can do the change of institutions and courses. However, changing of institutions and courses by the Direct Entry applicants is still not yet ascertained.

However, DE candidates are not sure they can change institutions and courses too. Hence, they’re asking if this is possible for them as well.In case you’re a DE applicant and you’re

After A’level, (IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge), What Next?

A’level programmes are getting popular very lately. Candidates are taking that medium to jump the hurdle being raised by JAMB. And with it, they can skip the 100 level in universities entirely and at the end of the 9-month programme, they make it to the 200.So, when you do any of the A’level programmes, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced, Cambridge Advanced level and other related courses, what will be

My School No Longer Exist, How to Get WAEC Certificate?

I’ve covered how and where to collect your results in several posts in the post.

Among which I established if you’re a school candidate (May/June), that, you could go back to your school and collect it as long as the result has been out for about one year.

Unlike that, if you’re a private candidate (Nov/Dec, Jan/Fe, or Aug/Spt), you will need to go to the WAEC office of the state of the exams and

JAMB Accredited Colleges of Health and Their Courses

While registering for JAMB, you may want to consider a college of health. Of course, there are some colleges of health sciences and technology that are under the armpit of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

These colleges are clearly included in the official JAMB brochure for prospective aspirants to check, in order to decide which one to choose, which course (s) they offer, and their

Do I Need JAMB SIM/Line For Change of Institutions/Courses, Data?

JAMB Attached SIMSeveral candidates had lost their SIMs, used to register JAMB. Some got theirs blocked or damaged.

As a result, they got some head punches when JAMB forced them to check their results through SMS before they can access it online at a later date.

Coming from that trauma, the affected candidates, and those who know them, are now worried about the change of institutions, courses, and

Do I Need NIN for Change of Institutions/Courses, Data?

The use of NIN for admission activities has come and stayed in Nigeria. JAMB introduced the use of NIN for the UTME/DE registration in 2020.

And with the success recorded, the board retains its uses through 2021, 2022, and more likely, years after.

However, admission seekers are not sure if the board will also require them to provide NIN when making attempt to change institutions, courses, and

Where to Change (Cost of) JAMB Names, DOB, State/LGA

NIMC/JAMB logoA few posts, on this blog, might have made quick references to how to change JAMB names, date of birth, gender, and state/local government of origin.

Some of you might have got the fact that you couldn’t change institutions and courses at any café rather, you’re to visit the nearest accredited CBT center for such changes.But that’s for the changes in institutions and courses.When it

How to Register For NYSC To Be in Stream 1 or 2

I’ve got this question from time to time. A few conscious prospective corpers had wanted to know what to do in order to go camping with the first stream of the batch.

Let me break this down a bit.NYSC usually has two streams in each batch. So, in batch A, you expect 2 steams i.e Batch A stream 1 and Batch A stream 2.

The same will happen to batches B and C.The idea is that the steam 1 corps

Does NDA Accept NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, A’levels?

Candidates, having interests in the Nigerian Defence Academy, are growing year in and year out.Of course, NDA is the dream of every Nigerian youth (and shortcut) to join the Nigerian Army, Airforce or Navy from university.

And generally, we all know that SSCE holders are making their way to the academy. But very many don’t know if the university is accepting other advanced results such as NCE,

NYSC Relocation: Process, Approval and Cancellation

NYSC logo After being posted to a state you don’t want or you want the least, the next thing you want to consider is relocation to another state.

NYSC gives you the opportunity to relocate. Change of state or redeploy based on marital purpose or health concerns is possible and allowed. Below is a list of questions prospective corps members seeking relocation are asking and the answers from

4 Ways to Prepare for Life Before/During NYSC

After your time in school, is the national service. But sometimes graduates will be delayed beyond necessary before being mobilized by their schools. In fact, NYSC may extend the waiting period before the camp than usual.

Then, a few serious-minded awaiting-corps members will want to consider getting themselves engaged while waiting for the clarion’s call. While in school, the time might be so.

Difference Between O’level, SSCE and A’level

I’ve once briefly answered this question of whether there is any difference between SSCE and O’level in the post, “SSCE Results: 5 Credits Needed, Combinations and Where D7, E8 or F9 Accepted”.

And for those who may not know about A’level programmes/results, I think my post, “IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB, and Cambridge: No UTME To 200 Level Admissions” might have solved the dilemma.However, there is a

Documents You Can Laminate and Those You Can’t

Laminating a paperIn case you don’t know, I run a business centre where people can do several online registrations, photocopies, lamination and more.

With years of active working as a manager, consultant and business owner, I’ve seen several customers who would want to laminate their documents among which were results and certificates.I’d always told them not to laminate some documents.

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