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Check This Top Germany Universities to Study with Fully Funded Scholarships -2022

Germany Fully-Funded Scholarship: Studying in a country like Germany is a big dream for international students! It is not surprising knowing that the German university system creates a lot of opportunities for international students. One of such opportunities is the numerous fully funded scholarships awarded by government bodies and universities in Germany.

Imagine studying in a country located in the heart of Europe with a serene environment for learning and high-quality education both local and international students. More interestingly, both undergraduate and graduate students can take advantage of the large number of Germany Universities offering Fully Funded Scholarships to study tuition-free and with all costs covered.

Studying in Germany on fully-funded scholarships

Firstly, Germany is popular for not charging tuition fees on both domestic and international students; meaning all public schools in Germany are tuition-free schools.

In addition to the tuition programmes offered in Germany. Students can make use of various fully funded programs to study free-of-charge in Germany. Better put, Germany is one of such countries that offers fully funded scholarships to international students irrespective of the course of study. Below, you will learn about some of the top schools in Germany you can study fully funded, together with some notable scholarship programs in these German institutions

German Universities with fully-funded scholarships

Free university of berlin: The free university of berlin was founded in 1948 and currently enrolls over 300,000 students coming from outside Germany. This school, as its name reflects, offers tuition free programs to international students together with popular scholarships programs like the DAAD scholarships awarded which usually would cover full cost of the program of study.

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich: This university is located in Munich; it is a top-ranking institution in Germany. The university is considered to be one of the best when it comes to history Arts and Humanities and physical science courses and it is a tuition free university offering a number of prestigious scholarships to international students

Technical university of Munich: This institution is rated as the second-best institution in Germany. Founded in 1868, this university has a main campus in Munich, which is the state capital and another branch in Heilbronn. It known to be a technical university that specialize in teaching engineering, chemistry, mathematics, physics, science and education. with over 30,000 students. There a number of fully funded scholarships and free tuition programs made available to international students yearly.

Humboldt University of Berlin: This institution is a free public research institution located in berlin. Organized into nine faculties – law, mathematics, natural sciences, life science, theology, economics and business, social sciences, philosophy, it offers a number of fully funded scholarship and research programs under these faculties to international students.

RWTH Aachen University: the RWTH Aachen university was founded in 1870, located in North Rhine- Westphalia, it is regarded to be one of the biggest university in the country to date it is famous for its tuition free advantage for international students and programs offered in this university include mathematics, computer science, civil engineering, humanities, business and economics, material engineering.

University of Bonn: now known as the Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn, this university was founded in 1818 and it campus is located in North Rhine – Westphalia Germany, it free tuition and fully funded programs has attracted over 30,000 international students from all over the world.

Georg August University of Gottingen: the university of Gottingen was established and founded in 1734, it was founded by king George II of Great Britain. This university is completely free and it door is open to international students from all over the world.

University of Hamburg: Regarded as one of the oldest institutions in Germany, the university of Hamburg was founded in the year 1919 with over 20,000 students. Currently, it offers free scholarship to international students to study different programs which include social science, engineering, arts and humanities, life science, medicine, psychology, business administration etc.

University of Cologne: This university is also one of the oldest universities in Germany located in a city called cologne. It is one of the largest universities in the country with over 30,000 student’s enrollment per annum. This institution is organized into 6 faculties which includes arts and humanities, management of social sciences, mathematics, law and medicine. The university also makes available fully funded scholarships to deserving students

Goethe University: this is one the free universities in Germany, founded in 1914, located in Frankfurt, this university has one of the biggest student’s populations of over 40,000. This huge number is probably due to its fully funded programs and scholarships which is an attraction for international students.

Notable Fully-Funded Scholarships in Germany

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarships: this scholarship is open to both local and international students to pursue an undergraduate degree, master degree, or Ph.D. in German institutions or technical colleges. It is fully funded with a monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance and all other costs fully covered. Awardees are paid a monthly amount of 861 EUR and costs for health insurance are funded. Students with a child receive a family allowance of 276 EUR

Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarships: The Heinrich boll foundation awards 1,400 fully funded scholarships per year to international students to pursue an undergraduate, masters and doctorate degree in German universities. It is known to be one of the renowned scholarships in Germany, funded by DAAD and Heinrich boll foundation.

Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Program: This scholarship is fully funded and currently highest paid scholarship in Germany, however, it is only open to study a full-time master’s degree programme. It benefits also includes touring, monthly allowances and stipends and also medical insurance.

Germany Government Scholarship Program: The Government of Germany through the Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards thousands of scholarships to foreign students to study in Germany. It is one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarship programs in the world. International students from all nationality are allow to pursue a degree program in master’s and PhD programs via these sponsorship programs. Students can take advantage to apply via any of the above listed schools.

There are even more fully funded programs available for international students to study in Germany with all costs covered. The list of Germany institutions offering these scholarships are also not limited to the ones listed above.


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Final Thoughts:

It is not just possible, but easy to apply and get fully funded opportunities to study in Germany universities. You can take advantage of the numerous scholarship programs in the above listed universities among other numerous institutions awarding fully funded scholarships in Germany.

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